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Parents’ Lawsuit Alleges Washington Children’s Hospital Transitioned and Trafficked Their Son. n


According to our clients: In 2021, our clients, two devout Christians, took their autistic-presenting child to Children's National Hospital for treatment. Out of the blue, they were informed that their child was transgender. They were then denied access to their child and told they needed to change their religion to regain custody of their child. It is 2024, and our clients still do not have custody.  [Scroll down to view the news article and court filing


Children's National Hospital receives more than 60% of its research funding from the U.S. National Institute of Health and has a Gender Development Program that studies gender and neurodiversity. The program works with children as young as three years old who Children's National Hospital claims are gender-diverse or gender-exploring.


Using federal funds to push transgender ideology on children, especially vulnerable autistic children, and then pressuring and punishing parents who refuse to go along are serious allegations. Investigations and congressional hearings must be conducted. The leaders of the National Institute of Health and Children's National Hospital must explain to Congress what is going on. This is a bridge this firm is prepared to die on.

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